GIG – Tribute to Georges & Ira Gershwin

A tribute to the Gershwin brothers, George the composer and Ira the author. I called it GIG, their initials, which also means “concert” for American musicians. I wrote this tribute with one of my favorite ensembles, a string trio. I asked Nicolle Rochelle to join us to perform this new offering of these magnificent and timeless songs.

Vocals Nicolle Rochelle
violin Léo Ullmann
viola Julien Brunard
cello Prosper Sibertin-White
double bass Marc-Michel Le Bevillon
drums François Laizeau

Nicolle Rochelle

Precocious, she started on television at the age of 8 alongside Ringo Starr. Then, between episodes of the famous ‘Cosby Show’ which is a hit in the USA, as a disciplined child of the ball, little Nicolle works on singing, dancing and tap dancing, makes her cinema debut in ‘Tales of the Dark Night’ , then joined the cast of ‘Fame’ on Broadway. On stage, she successively played in ‘Lemonade Everyday’ directed by Zoa Cadawell as well as the role of Princess Katherine in ‘Henry V’ at the Shakespeare Festival in New York.

Then his decisive meeting with Jérôme Savary puts Paris at its feet, who comes to acclaim this young woman who bluffs her audience in Joséphine Baker.


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